Powers (Annals of the Western Shore) - Ursula K. Le Guin
Gwen, a self-conscious 11th grader, has been having a reoccurring dream; one of a handsome and mysterious stranger walking down the hallway of her school. He stands in the doorway of her English class wearing a long, leather, duster and sunglasses. She can't believe it when the dream comes true and Adrian walks into her life. Immediately she sees through his act.

Adrian acts like a tough guy; full of confidence and charm, but inside he is full of doubt. He has been moved around by his parents so many times that he has never had an opportunity to form friendships and reintroducing himself to new student populations is getting old. Once he meets Gwen, his life changes in unimaginable ways.

When Gwen and Adrian begin to come into contact with each other more often, by eating at the same lunch table – against Gwen's will – and sharing classes, Gwen's occasional prophetic dreams turn into daytime visions. These visions show her impending disasters. Adrian also benefits from contact with Gwen. Gwen unlocks the ability, hidden within Adrian's mind, to read people's thoughts. As long as they are around each other, they are mentally linked. Once they realize what is going on, they begin to use these powers to their advantage. Manipulating each other for their own benefit causes a lot of tension and mistrust between the two.

POWERS is told in the alternating points of view of Adrian and Gwen. The small chunks make it possible to read this book in short sittings. The story begins with Gwen, the unpopular, chunky, underdog, looking like the more likeable character, and Adrian playing the unfeeling user. However, for me, Adrian was the better character. He really comes through in the end and puts everything together so he and Gwen can be together.