Saga - Conor Kostick
In this exciting and inventive follow-up to EPIC, you’ll meet Ghost and her band of anarcho-punk friends. They live in Saga, a virtual world - only they don’t know it is virtual. The Dark Queen and her assassin are the only two with the true knowledge of how their world came to be.

The inhabitants of Saga live in a rigid class system based on the color of the card you hold. The majority of the citizens hold red cards, the card that represents the lowest class, and live a dreary existence.

Ghost and her loyal group set out to shake things up with help from Erik, a.k.a Cindella, and B.E. from Epic. They attempt to take on The Dark Queen and squash her evilness forever.

SAGA is a good bet for science fiction buffs. Fans of EPIC will enjoy the brief appearances of the characters that were so important in the book that started it all.