Fade to Blue - Michael Dennis
It is hard for me to even decide what to write for this review. I still don’t know if I understand what happened.

Sophie Blue is a high school senior. She lives the life of a loner – especially since the disappearance of her father. She has taken to dressing goth and is being forced to see a therapist.

Sophie feels like she is losing her mind. She keeps seeing a dilapidated ice cream truck everwhere she goes and sees things that others around her don’t seem to see. Her emotionally-detached mother doesn’t provide any support and her brother is working on his own problems.

Things are not as they seem. Sophie’s life is about to get turned upside down and finding out the truth might be worse than staying in the dark and thinking she is crazy.

It could be just me, but I found this story line hard to follow. It might be the way it was written, because the story itself sounds pretty interesting – I just felt lost too much of the time.