Fake Boyfriend - Kate Brian
Isabelle Hunter, a beautiful, valedictorian of her senior class, has had her heart broken again and her three best friends, Vivi, Lane, and Curtis, can't stand it. Shawn Littig, the on again - off again boyfriend of Isabelle has humilated her in a very public way and caused Vivi, Lane, and Curtis to come up with a plan to keep Izzy and Shawn apart for good. Their main obstacle is prom. Izzy has been planning the perfect prom since her freshman year and Shawn has always been the date in her plan. With prom only a few weeks away, Izzy's three friends are forced to do something drastic.

Vivi comes up with a plan that she feels is fool proof. Lane isn't so sure, but lacks the confidence to stand up to her more outgoing friend. In the end, they create a Myspace profile for an invented guy that is sure to peek Izzy's interest. They name him Brandon and after adding a few friends to his profile, take the plunge and put a friend request in to Izzy. Little do Vivi and Lane know, but Izzy is online and immediately accepts the friend invitation and IMs Brandon out of boredom. Not knowing how to respond as a "guy," Lane enlists the help of Vivi's younger brother, Marshall, to act as Brandon.

Everything seems to go fine until Izzy makes comments about taking Shawn back because she wants a date to the prom. This forces Vivi, Lane, and now Curtis to go looking for someone to play Brandon. They hire Jonathan, a gorgeous boy from a neighboring town to be Brandon and take Izzy to the prom.

FAKE BOYFRIEND has everything. Friendship, love, and life lessons. Of course, everything doesn't turn out exactly like Vivi intended in her original "fool proof" plan, but everyone gets something in the end. As I was reading this story I kept wishing I had friends like Vivi, Lane, and Curtis. They definately went above and beyond. FAKE BOYFRIEND is a one-sitting read. I devoured it in one day and was sad when I reached the end.