The Declaration - Gemma Malley
THE RESISTANCE is the much anticipated sequel to THE DECLARATION. It picks up where THE DECLARATION leaves off and is told through Peter’s eyes. He and Anna live together with Ben, Anna’s brother, in a run down house trying to keep out of the way. Peter and Anna aren’t comfortable being Legal yet and find the stares and nasty comments coming from the other citizens unsettling.

Peter and Anna work for the Underground whenever they can. They both want to see the Declaration a thing of the past. Peter gets his chance when his grandfather and head of Pincent Pharma offers him a position at the company. Pincent Pharma is responsible for Longevity, the drug that makes an extended life possible. Peter uses this opportunity to get information for the Underground. What he finds causes him to question his beliefs about the Declaration, the Underground, and his relationship with Anna. It takes uncovering a horrible secret to put him back on track.

THE RESISTANCE was just as good as THE DECLARATION. The suspense keeps you turning page after page. Peter’s character is so likeable and his devotion to Anna is heartwarming. Gemma Malley leaves it open for another story and I for one can’t wait to see what happens next.