The Carbon Diaries 2015 - Saci Lloyd
Laura Brown lives in the U.K. and unfortunately the U.K. is the first country to establish carbon rationing. Everyone will be expected to reduce their carbon consumption by 60%. Everyone has 200 Carbon Points per month to spend on travel, heat, food, and fun. The 200 Carbon Points are loaded on a card. In order to use anything, you have to swipe your card. If you have enough points - fine. If not, your oven could shut off in the middle of cooking dinner. People have to choose what is really important.

As tough as the carbon rationing is, the extreme weather patterns are worse. Unbearable heat, droughts, hurricanes, and floods put normal life on hold for everyone.

In addition to adapting to this new life, Laura also has to deal with typical teenage issues. Her family seems to be falling apart, her band is attempting to stay together, and she is trying to get the boy next door to notice her.

With the U.K. falling down around her, does Laura have the luxury of being a typical teenager?

Saci Lloyd has written an addicting eco-thriller. Following Laura through the toughest year of her life is fascinating. Readers will be anxious to read the follow-up, CARBON DIARIES 2017, later this year.