Dull Boy - Sarah Cross
Avery lives for the darkness. Not for any deviant reason, but because he is less likely to be seen when he is flying around town. You see, Avery isn’t like other kids. He has super strength and can fly. Since these powers developed, his life has totally changed. His normal friends are pulling further and further away because he is spending less time with them. Avery’s friends are upset that he quit the had to quit the wrestling team, but he really didn’t have a choice. His strength was too hard to control during practices and the matches.

By trying to be a good guy and save the day by using his powers for good, Avery sends his parents over the edge. They are already forking over a lot of money for his other unintentional damages and feels he is out of control. So, his parents decide to send him to a special school for troubled kids.

On his first day, Avery meets a strange girl. She ends up shedding a lot of light on the world for him. He discovers that he isn’t the only one with special abilities and finds himself becoming a part of another “family.” One that understands him and his desire to help the world and not just waste his powers on frivolous thrills and ways to get into the spotlight. But, in any superhero story, there has to be an evil mastermind. In DULL BOY that evil mastermind is Cherchette and she wants to gather all the kids with super powers together. Why you might ask? You’ll have to read DULL BOY to find out.

DULL BOY has it all – humor, friendship, family issues, a little romance, super powers. What more could you ask for? As a reader, I completely fell in love with Avery. Sarah Cross leaves the reader completely satisfied even though it is clear there will be a sequel. Visit Sarah’s site for cool info and fun xtras.