A Killing Frost (River Dance, #1) (Love Inspired Suspense) - Hannah Alexander
Let me start out by saying, please please please read the other two books in the series before you pick up this one.

THE KILLING FROST, also called The Third Day, The Frost in some places, is the third book in the Tomorrow Series. Ellie and her friends are in much the same position as they were at the end of the second book, but things change fast. THE KILLING FROST is packed with a lot of action for the characters of the book.

One of the friends they lost track of in the earlier books is found again, the teens attempt and succeed at an attack much larger than anything they’ve tried in the past, some of their good luck runs out, and they suffer a devastating loss.

As a reader, your heart will ache for the characters as they fight for survival in a land that has been taken away from them. With no one to trust and no where to go, they find it harder and harder to steer clear of the enemy. The invaders are closing in on all sides. Soon hiding won’t be possible.

The ending of THE KILLING FROST will leave you scrambling for Book 4 in the Series, DARKNESS, BE MY FRIEND. Things promise to be very different for Ellie and her friends.