My Invisible Boyfriend - Susie Day
Heidi attends a very posh private school, but only because her mother teaches P.E. and her father is the caretaker/handyman. New to the school, she doesn’t have that many friends and definitely isn’t in the popular crowd. Her only lifelines are her 3 friends, Fili, Ludo, and Dai. Together they are the Leftover Squad.

Heidi has gone crazy over the summer since all of her friends left to experience typical “rich” kids activities. As weird as it sounds, she can’t wait for school to start. Things don’t go as she imagines though. It seems all of her friends end up with a significant other and she is the only one without someone to call “honey.” So, what does she do? She invents someone, of course.

As easy as 1,2,3 she creates an email address and ULife account and voila she has a boyfriend. It seems Heidi and Ed are very happy. They take part in friendly, flirtatious banter for all of her friends to see. She does such a good job, even her friends are messaging Ed to talk about their own problems. Soon, Ed takes on a life of his own.

In addition to maintaining her fake relationship with Ed, Heidi also trys to figure out why her friends are acting so strange. Fili, especially, seems distant and sad. Can Heidi solve the case? With the help of her favorite TV detective she might have a shot.

When Heidi receives an email from someone called “realboy” she is afraid she is going to be caught in her deception. “Realboy” professes his love for her, but leaves it to her to figure out who he is. He has no interest in revealing her secret to her friends. “Realboy” turns out to be the most important mystery of all. Can she figure out who he is and end her relationship with Ed without causing any suspicion?

MY INVISIBLE BOYFRIEND was a cute story, but nothing spectacular. Heidi has a few quirks that got on my nerves like, if she wants to say, “Oh My God!” she would say:
There were a few times she did this and I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to say.

So, overall, MY INVISIBLE BOYFRIEND is okay. If you end up enjoying this book, you might want to try FAKE BOYFRIEND by Kate Brian. It also deals with an Internet-based fake relationship.

I received this book as part of AROUND THE WORLD TOURS.