Must Love Black - Kelly McClymer
Philippa doesn’t consider herself a true goth. She just likes wearing black. When she sees an ad in the paper looking for a nanny for twin, 10-year-old girls with the stipulation that the applicant “must love black,” she feels like she has found the perfect summer job. It doesn’t hurt that taking this job will get her out of going on a honeymoon cruise with her father and new step-mother. She leaves for her new job directly from the wedding reception. Geoff, the totally hot gardener and part-time driver, shows up to drive her to Chrysalis Cliff, the posh hotel/spa the twins live with their father.

Instructions are very clear when she arrives at work. Philippa is supposed to keep the kids out of the way of the guests and make sure they have fun. Fun is even scheduled into their busy day. The problem is, the kids aren’t necessarily interested in typical fun. They are extremely practical kids, so Philippa has to approach fun in inventive ways.

During the summer Philippa attempts to improve the kids’ relationship with their father and get to know Geoff a little better. She isn’t quite sure if he has a girlfriend or not, but the girl that seems to be claiming him is the complete opposite of her. Philippa’s summer turns out to be very enjoyable despite the fog-enshrouded mansion, tarot card reading twins, and possible ghosts.

Kelly McClymer, author of the Salem Witch series, has written an enjoyable and light novel. Watching the relationship between Philippa and the girls is touching. It would be nice to read a sequel and be able to keep up with the characters, but MUST LOVE BLACK doesn’t leave you hanging at the end. The ending is wrapped up nicely and the reader feels satisfied.