Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick
Nora is a responsible girl. She keeps her grades up and always informs her mother where she is and what she is doing. Since the death of her father, Nora’s mother has had to take a job that keeps her away from home and out of town several days a month – leaving Nora alone. Nora wants to do everything she can to keep her mother’s trust since it is the only way they can keep their farmhouse. If Nora’s mother doesn’t think she can be trusted, she’ll quit her job and stay home with Nora. They would have to sell the home Nora has lived in all her life. The only thing she has left of her father.

Boys have never been an issue for Nora. They’ve never caused her to lose focus on her studies because no one at school has ever interested her. Until her Biology teacher shakes things up in class on the first day of Sex Education by changing seating arrangements. Instead of sitting next to her forever best friend Vee, she is forced to sit next to a new student named Patch. Immediately, Patch makes her uneasy. He seems to know too much about her.

Shortly after meeting Patch, strange things start to happen to Nora. A man wearing a ski mask jumps in front of her car, her room is ransacked, and someone tries to kill her twice. Nora doesn’t know who to trust. When Vee meets two new boys and attempts to set up double dates, things just get worse. Nora is frightened most of the time. Is Patch the one in the ski mask or is it Elliot, the new guy Vee wants her to date?

Nora is about to find out humans aren’t alone on Earth. Angels do walk among us, it’s just that all of them aren’t focused on heavenly pursuits.

HUSH, HUSH by Becca Fitpatrick is an enjoyable mix of suspense and romance. Patch is definitely the type of dark and mysterious character that will make girls go weak in the knees. While some of the situations Nora gets herself into seem a little far fetched, they don’t take away from the story. Overall HUSH, HUSH was a book I couldn’t put down. There is a lot readers still need to know about the characters, but Becca Fitzpatrick isn’t finished. CRESCENDO, the sequel, has already been announced. I just hope we see more of Patch.