Daniel X: Watch the Skies  - James Patterson, Ned Rust
Once again Daniel, who readers met in The Dangerous Days of Daniel X, is on the hunt for a big, bad alien from The List. This time it is Number 5, a creepy catfish looking alien with the ability to manipulate electricity and electric devices.

Number 5 is in Holliswood for a reason. He has a plan for the residents. Number 5 plans to make the people of Holliswood the stars of his latest interstellar reality television show. Number 5 coined the phrase endertainment because he kills the people at the end of each of the impromptu musical performances he orchestrates for the entertainment of other aliens in outerspace.

With the help of his family and friends, Daniel battles Number 5 and attempts to save the people of Holliswood from one of the most dangerous aliens in the world.

DANIEL X: WATCH THE SKIES was a let down. THE DANGEROUS DAYS OF DANIEL X wasn’t stellar literature, but it was much better than this series installment. There were too many hokey parts that left me rolling my eyes.

I’m not sure about how I feel about James Patterson anymore. I haven’t read MAX yet and I wasn’t happy with FINAL WARNING at all. Below you’ll find a link to a USA Today article that explains his writing process when he uses a co-author. So, my question is, how well does he read the final products after the co-author fills in all the gaps? I can’t imagine that James Patterson could think that DANIEL X: WATCH THE SKIES was good enough to publish. That being said, I do want to read his next book WITCH AND WIZARD, it sounds very interesting.

USA Today article about how James Patterson writes with a co-author.