Dark Life: Book 1 - Kat Falls
After devastating earthquakes shatter continents and flood entire regions, humans are forced to live in stack cities with hardly any space to call their own. The only ones with any space to spread out are the pioneers willing to take a risk and live under the water on the ocean floor. A group of settlers have set up elaborate farms in order to make a living subsea.

Ty has lived under water his entire life. In fact, he was the first child born subsea. The idea of living Topside sends shivers through him – all those people crammed together baking in the hot sun. Ty looks forward to the day when he turns 18 and is able to make a claim for his own land on the ocean floor, but when outlaws attack his and his neighbor’s homesteads Ty is thrust in to danger and adventure. Will he be able to save the settlers’ way of life? Will he be able to help Gemma, a girl from Topside, find her brother undersea? Will he be able to keep his secret about the Dark Life?

Kat Falls has created an interesting world under the sea. Ty is a great character to get to know. The relationship between him and Gemma is fun to watch develop. The amazing technological gadgets really add to the world the author created. I loved the oxygen-infused liquid. Before diving, you inhale the Liquigen pack into your lungs and it allows you to go under water without worrying about breathing. When done, all you do is inhale air and the Liquigen evaporates, allowing you to breath like normal. How cool!