Across the Universe - Beth Revis
Godspeed is an amazing technological development. A vast spaceship able to sustain the life of thousands of people for three hundred years. Amy, along with her parents and others from Sol Earth, were cryogenically frozen, expecting to wake up when the Godspeed arrived on a new planet 300 years later.

When Amy’s cryogenic chamber is unplugged and nearly dies, she begins to worry that she was targeted and that her parents are going to be next. She attempts to protect her parents while trying to get used to the strange way of life on Godspeed. She finds it difficult to understand how the people follow Eldest, a tyrannical leader. He doesn’t like having Amy “awake” on board. He considers her a distraction and a danger because of her differences – she doesn’t sound like them, doesn’t look like them.

Amy finds she desperately wants to trust Elder, the next in line to rule the Godspeed. She gets to know him as they work together as they explore some of the secrets the ship holds and that Eldest has been keeping from everyone.

Will Amy be able to figure out who is trying to kill the people in the cryogenic chambers? Can she learn to live without access to the outside – only breathing recycled air and seeing artificial sunlight. Can she resign herself to the fact that she will live out her days on the Godspeed?

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is a great book. It has a little of everything – mystery, suspense, and romance. I loved the world Beth Revis created on the Godspeed. I can’t wait for the sequel, A MILLION SUNS due out January 2012.

Here are two pictures of the Godspeed.