Inside Out - Maria V. Snyder
Trella is a scrub. She lives on the lower levels of the Inside and cleans the water and air ducts in order to keep everyone safe from contamination. Life as a scrub isn’t a pleasant experience. All the scrubs live in cramped quarters, work ten hour shifts with hardly any time off, and are watched carefully by the Pop Cops (Population Control Police).

Trella only has one friend, Cogon, and when he drags her to meet, yet another, Prophet spouting nonsense about the Gateway to the Outside, she goes with only one purpose in mind – to discredit the Prophet. If she can prove there is no Outside, Cog won’t get his heart broken when the Gateway turns out to be nothing but a dream.

Trella isn’t prepared for the danger she gets herself into when she starts looking for the Gateway. With her knowledge of the vents and ducts, only she can get to some of the places where secret information is stored and once the Pop Cops find out what is going on, they stop at nothing to prevent her from finding out about Gateway and Outside.

INSIDE OUT is a science fiction novel from the author of POISON STUDY. I’m sure there will be some out there that will absolutely love this book, but here are the things preventing me from giving it a higher rating:

Inside, where everyone lives, is built like a cube, with levels and sectors. It was difficult for me to picture it in my mind when Trella referred to places like Sector H1.
Since Harlequin Teen is publishing this book, there has to be a little romance in it, but what is there is at the very end and feels like it was just stuck in for the purpose of fitting the publishers requirements.
Trella is unsure of her family history and when given the information to answer he questions – doesn’t take it. This irritated me. I know there is going to be a sequel and we might find out about it then, but …
The ending wasn’t very satisfying to me. It seemed like it was a little too quickly wrapped up. Again, I know there will be a sequel, but…
The sequel is called OUTSIDE IN and due for release in 2011.

When more of you guys have read this book, be sure to come back and tell me what you think about it.