Radiant Shadows (Wicked Lovely) - Melissa Marr
In order to understand the specifics of all the characters in this story, it would be best to read the other books in the series. WICKED LOVELY, INK EXCHANGE, and FRAGILE ETERNITY.

RADIANT SHADOWS picks up where FRAGILE ETERNITY leaves off. As per their agreement, Seth leaves Sorcha in Faerie so he can return to his life in the Mortal world. Everything starts disintegrating soon after and provides a backdrop for RADIANT SHADOWS.

Ani, Gabriel’s daughter, is struggling with her role in the Hunt and controlling the way she feeds. Unlike her siblings, Ani can feed from both mortals and faerie. She feeds on emotions. Life for Ani becomes extremely complicated when Bananach takes an interest in her and orders her to kill Seth. Not knowing what to do, Ani decides her only option is to run.

Devlin, the brother of Sorcha and Bananach, is sent to the Mortal world to look after Seth. Sorcha is obsessed with what Seth is doing and worried for his safety. The trouble is, Devlin gets sidetracked when he runs into Ani at a night club. Devlin and Ani are connected. The specific connection is unknown – all Devlin knows is he can’t resist Ani.

Melissa Marr continues to hold readers’ attention in this, the fourth of the WICKED LOVELY series. Aislinn doesn’t play a role in this installment because Keenan is missing so she must focus her attention to the Summer Court. Faerie is in danger because of Sorcha’s actions and it is up to Devlin and Ani to put it right, but Bananach (War) is determined to see death and destruction everywhere. Can they save Faerie before War destroys everything?