Rip Tide (Dark Life, Book 2) - Kat Falls
NOTE: You should read the first book in this series, DARK LIFE, before you read this one. RIP TIDE is not a stand alone novel.

While stashing the family's latest seaweed harvest, Ty and Gemma come across a sunken township - a giant water craft where people live and make a living. While investigating, Ty realizes there are people inside - but quickly sees they are dead. Close inspection of the outside of the township reveals that all the hatches have been chained and locked from the outside. Who would sink a township and kill all those people?

When Ty's parents are kidnapped during a crop sale, he and Gemma learn more than they ever wanted to know about the problems on the townships. Ty doesn't feel the Sea Guard is providing enough support to search for his parents so he and Gemma go about following clues on their own. Their search takes them to some of the most dangerous places on the ocean.

Ty and Gemma are determined to find his parents and are willing to do whatever it takes. Ty will have to survive several brushes with death and Gemma will have to overcome her fear of the water - all this while deception awaits around every corner. It's pretty bad when your best option is to team up with an outlaw gang.

RIP TIDE isn't as good as the first book in this series, but it is still worth reading. Kat Falls continues to reveal more and more about life after The Rise. The amazing underwater world is still fascinating. I'd love to live there myself as long as I could stay away from deadly monsters and dangerous outlaws.