Still Sucks to Be Me: The All-true Confessions of Mina Smith, Teen Vampire - Kimberly Pauley
Life as a vampire isn’t working out so great for Mina. The Vampire Relocation Agency is forcing her and her parents to move to a podunk town in Louisiana. Adding to the anxiety of moving, the family can’t take anything with them. No clothes, photos, or keepsakes from their old lives are allowed. The VRA can’t take a chance on someone recognizing them since the Hamilton’s have been pronounced dead. They can’t even have access to their money until some time has passed. Mina is miserable, but not having her best friend Serena to talk to is like pouring salt in the wound.

Even though Mina has been through some major life changes, her parents still insist she start school right away. Being a Senior, Mina expects to be left out of everything since cliques and friendships have already been established, but in Cartville, LA, Mina is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Mina immediately finds a nosy, talkative wanna-be friend, a boy that desperately wants to go out with her, and a girl who hates her guts simply because she exists. Oh! There is a handsome, mysterious guy named Cameron, too. This is definitely not a good time for Mina’s boyfriend, George, to run off to Brazil to bond with his parents.

Mina takes it all in stride – even takes some vampire continuing education classes with her mom and learns to do a little shape-shifting. Cameron also starts to teach her how to use mind control. Mina is becoming a better vampire everyday.

Then, Serena shows up on her doorstep and crazy, Goth-Girl Raven arrives in town. Even talk of the human-hating Black Talon group is rumored to be in Cartville. Mina discovers that even though she decided to become a vampire – her life still sucks!

STILL SUCKS TO BE ME is a cute story. If you liked the first book in the series you definitely need to pick up a copy. There were only three things that knocked it down to 4 glasses.

1. The journal entries started to get a little redundant.
2. I would have liked more drama between Cameron and Mina.
3. The excitement needed to start sooner. Mina’s crumbling, while warranted, took up too much of the beginning.

You’ll enjoy STILL SUCKS TO BE ME much more if you read SUCKS TO BE ME first.

This is a great vampire novel for the younger crowd. Mina and the boys in her life are well-behaved teenagers. Mina even maintains a great relationship with her parents! The Hamiltons oops, Smiths are a great vampire family.