Some Girls Are - Courtney Summers
Regina hates being the designated driver. The parties aren't fun to begin with, but when she has to be there sober it is practically unbearable. When she is ready to go home, Regina tries to find her best friend so she can get her in the car and drive home. She finds Anna in the den with Donnie, passed out after a night off too much drinking. Unfortunately, Donnie, Anna's boyfriend, is just aware enough to force himself on Regina against her will. She barely gets away. Regina runs to the house of the only one of her friends that didn't attend the party and told her everything that happened. Together, Kara and Regina decide it's best to not say anything. Regina considers Anna important enough to keep quiet about the attempted rape in order to remain her best friend.

The problem is...Kara doesn't keep her mouth shut. She tells Anna what happened just as quick as she can in order to push Regina out of the second-in-command spot of the Fearsome Fivesome and by the time school rolls around on Monday, Regina finds herself frozen out of the group.

Life for Regina becomes a living nightmare. Her friends launch a systematic attack against her. She suffers physical and emotional abuse at the hands of the people that know her the best. Never has she felt so alone.

SOME GIRLS ARE is an important book to read. Bullying is such an important issue in today's society and Courtney Summers paints a very realistic picture for the reader.