Spell Hunter - R.J. Anderson
Knife is just one of the many faeries that lives in the large oak tree at the edge of an unsuspecting family's yard. Knife and the others have been taught to stay away from humans for fear being around them will kill them. Knife is the only one that wants to explore more of the world around her. When she is assigned the job as the Queen's Hunter, she has more opportunity to leave the Ooak.

Knife is immediately drawn to Paul, the young man that lives in the house by the Oak. She assumes he is very important since he gets to roll around in a chair while everyone else must walk. Knife wants to know more about him, but is scared to approach him, but when she is injured by a crow during one of her hunting trips, it is Paul that takes her home and makes sure she is okay. This is the first of many meetings they will have.

Knife thinks Paul can help her solve a mystery that has plagued the faeries of the oak for many years. It seems that the faeries have lost their magic. The faeries can no longer create art or music or anything else requiring imagination. Together, Paul and Knife, attempt to find an answer to the faeries' problem.

FAERY REBEL: SPELL HUNTER is delightful. The reader will enjoy witnessing Paul and Knife's relationship grow and change throughout the story. This is a wonderful example of friendship between not only Paul and Knife, but between Knife and other faeries in the Oak. R.J. Anderson has created an interesting story about the relationship between humans and faeries. It is unlike any other faeries story I've ever read. I had a smile on my face when I closed the book.