The Day Before - Lisa Schroeder
Amber needs a day to herself. She knows her parents and best friend are going to be worried sick thinking she is running away, but it can't be helped. Too much has changed and she can't stand the thought of putting on a happy face in front of everyone knowing what she has to do tomorrow.

In her attempt at solitude, Amber meets Cade who also seems to be looking for an escape. They decide to spend one perfect day together - no pasts, no questions, no regrets.

At first, knowing she wasn't going to have to explain anything to Cade was a relief, but soon she realizes she wants to know more about him than they agreed to share. Some of his actions cause her to worry about him and she is torn between allowing him to keep his privacy or convincing him to talk about his life.

Together, Amber and Cade work through their fears in order to face their coming challenges and end their perfect day by going their separate ways - for the time being.

THE DAY BEFORE is a quick read since it is written in verse. Amber's secret is easy to figure out, but Cade's is a mystery up until the end of the book. This book is okay, but I enjoyed her others much better.