The Fire  - James Patterson, Jill Dembowski
Whit and Wisty are violently taken from their house in the middle of the night and thrown into jail with many other children. Their family (the Allgoods) are being accused of being magical - Whit being a wizard and Wisty, a witch. The news is a shock to the brother and sister since their parents never told them about their power. The two eventually break out of the prison and reluctantly join the resistance and fight against the New Order and The One Who Is The One. Whit and Wisty's main goal is to find their parents. In hopes of reuniting with them, the siblings join in the fight to rescue the other prisoners still left in the Reformatory. This graphic novel is an exact retelling of the novel form of this book. I was really disappointed in the book when I read it in 2009. I enjoyed the graphic novel more because of the illustrations. I still feel this is one of the worst "James Patterson" novels available. A lot of potential, but not much pay off.