The Flint Heart - Katherine Paterson, John Paterson, John Rocco, John B. Paterson Jr.
There once was a hunter filled with jealousy. Putt craved power and wanted to be the leader his tribe. He went to see the local wise man and convinced him to create a talisman to harden his heart so he could rule with an iron fist without any feelings of guilt. The Flint Heart is created and soon, Putt is the leader and the tribe is scared and bullied and live in fear of him. When Putt dies Fum, the wise man, buries the Flint Heart so it won’t cause havoc anymore.

Years later, a loving family man stumbles across the Flint Heart while out working. As soon as the Flint Heart gets in the man’s hand the magic begins to work. A once kind man becomes harsh and mean – one who yells and strikes his children. Charles and his young sister Unity know something is wrong and set out to help their dad get better.

Charles and Unity are thrust in a world of fairies and adventure. Fairies, humans, animals, and even a water bottle work together to save the world from the evil magic of the Flint Heart.

Katherine and John Paterson collaborated to rewrite the original 1910 version of this story in order to make it more accessible for today’s readers. The writing, combined with the beautiful illustrations of John Rocco make this a delight to read. THE FLINT HEART is a must read.