The Fox Inheritance - Mary E. Pearson
NOTE: It isn't imperative that you read THE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX before you read this book, but you might have a better understanding if you do.

Once upon a time, three friends, Jenna, Locke, and Kara, were in a terrible car crash. The accident left their bodies damaged beyond repair. For Jenna, the 18 months spent in a coma was miserable. Something she wouldn't wish on anyone - especially not her best friends. When Matthew Fox, Jenna's father and a brilliant scientist, discovered a way to save Jenna, it released her from the dark prison of her mind. Too bad Locke and Kara were left behind.

260 years later, Locke and Kara finally get their lives back. Living a privileged life on a giant estate, they have their every need taken care of, the finest clothes, the finest food, the best of everything. The only thing they don't have is their freedom. When Kara convinces Locke the importance of escaping they end up in a world they know nothing about. Their families are dead, their homes are gone, nothing is as it used to be. They have nothing and no one to help them - except Jenna.

The long overdue reunion between friends might not turn out like Locke hopes it will. While he has constantly thought of Jenna with love and affection, Kara hasn't. Kara has formed some deep feelings of rage and betrayal over being left in the digital limbo for 260 years. When Locke and Kara are separated while on the run from the scientist that brought them to "life," he fears the worst and is determined to reach Jenna first so he can attempt to calm Kara before she does something terrible.

THE FOX INHERITANCE is a wonderful sequel to THE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX. I was lucky enough to listen to it on audio (thanks to Macmillan Audio) and enjoyed every minute of it. The narrator, Matthew Brown, does a great job of expressing Locke's feelings throughout the story. Poor Locke. He is totally in love with both Jenna and Kara. At times he can seem very weak as he himself talks about how he followed them around like a puppy before the accident. I love that Mary E. Pearson told this part of the story through Locke's eyes. Watching him grow and change from beginning to end was great. The final chapters of the books are very emotional and intense. I had tears in my eyes at the end (which can be dangerous when driving the car). THE FOX INHERITANCE is a story of friendship and sometimes friendship is the thing that gives you the strength to keep going.