Everybody Sees the Ants - A.S. King
Lucky Linderman just wants to get through the day without seeing Nadar McMillan. Ever since he was seven years old and Nadar peed on his sandals Lucky has tried to stay out of his way. It hasn’t worked though. No matter what he does, he always ends up on the wrong end of Nadar’s fist. Over the years the bullying has increased in intensity, forcing Lucky to find different ways to cope with the feelings of fear, shame, and anxiety.

Lucky’s grandfather, Harry, was declared Missing in Action (MIA) during the Vietnam War. Lucky’s father never knew Harry and had to watch his mother (Lucky’s Grandma) fight the government and be an advocate for the POW/MIA organization. She never gave up the idea that Harry was still alive. On her death bed she begged Lucky to save Harry – to bring him home. Ever since that day, he has tried to do just that.

Lucky Linderman has a lot on his plate. As his own bullying issues become too much, Lucky really looks forward to his time in the jungles of Laos when he visits Harry during his dreams. Over and over again he tries to bring Harry out with him, but only manages to bring a small artifact out with him. Still, it is proof that he was there and sometimes that is what keeps him going when Nadar is beating him, or his father is ignoring the family, or his mother is being a squid and swimming lap after lap in the community swimming pool.

EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS is unique story with many different layers of emotion. It is a story of family dynamics. A story of standing up for yourself. A story of learning who you are. A story of growing up. This is definitely a book you should add to your to-read pile.