Vacation - Matthew J. Costello
Jack Murphy is a policeman in New York and has seen the world quickly deteriorate to where there are very few “safe” places left. The areas that are safe are surrounded by tall fences meant to keep out the Can Heads.

During a particularly bad night at a Can Head siting, Jack watches as his partner walks into a trap and gets eaten alive. Jack himself suffered terrible injuries forcing him to take time off the job and endure many painful weeks of exercise and physical therapy.

After being told by his superiors that he won’t be allowed back to work until he takes some vacation time, he reluctantly agrees to go away with his wife and kids to Paterville Family Camp – a fortress-like compound in the mountains, where families can relax and do things people used to do on vacations like hike, swim, and take boats out on the water.

Everything is great at Paterville. The kids get in the water everyday, his wife lays on the beach in the sun, and they even meet a nice couple they chit chat with at dinner every night. Another perk to being at Paterville is the food. There is plenty of it and it isn’t the synthetic food they are used to at home. At first Jack finds it hard to relax – always on alert for danger, but he eventually sees how much his family is enjoying their time at the Camp and decides to give relaxation a try.

The picture perfect vacation is ruined when Can Heads breach the Camp’s extensive security. With Jack’s help, the guards are able to fight off the attack and put things back in order. Life is back to normal the next morning with people having fun in the lake like always. Jack never lets his guard down again though and he starts to see strange things that alert his policeman senses to possible sinister goings on at the Camp.

Jack decides he and his family need to leave – no matter what!

VACATION is a fast-paced story that hooks the reader on page one and doesn’t let go until the end. I label it as a YA Crossover book because while there is quiet a bit of blood and gore and some language, it isn’t anything that older teens can’t handle. This is perfect for your older horror fans.