Clarity  - Kim Harrington
Clare is a member of an unusual family. They all have special abilities. Her mother can read minds, her brother can sense spirits that haven't moved on, and Clare can "see" what happened to someone by touching one of their objects. Together, they run a family business giving tourists an authentic paranormal thrill.

When Clare's small town is rocked by the murder of a young woman, she is asked to use her ability to help solve the crime.

While Clare is excited and willing to assist law enforcement her job isn't easy. One problem, her brother is a suspect in the murder because he was with the victim the night she died. Another issue is that her ex-boyfriend is involved in the investigation too. His father is the mayor up for re-election and really wants to solve the case to reassure the tourists the town is safe. The new police investigator has a hot son helping out too. The problem-apparently he hates her and thinks she's a fraud.

Clare has to juggle her unresolved feelings for Justin(ex-boyfriend), her attraction to Gabe(the new hottie), and her loyalty to Perry(her brother). All while attempting to solve a murder and not get killed in the process.

Clarity is a quick and fun read. My only issue is the fact that the police asked Clare, Justin, and Gabe to investigate the murder! I just kept saying to myself, How Stupid! The police would never do that! If you can get passed that, you'll be okay.