Farty Marty - B.J.  Ward, Steven Kellogg

Steven Kellogg's familiar illustrations add so much to this cute book. Mary Jane's cat, Martin, has a problem with gas. He continually offends people and embarrasses the family - all except for Mary Ann who proudly states, "I LOVE HIM!" People's attitudes change quickly when they realize that Marty's gas is influenced by the food he eats.  When he eats French cheese and grapes he "plays" Au Clair de Lune. After Boston Baked Beans and hot dogs he toots Yankee Doodle Dandy. The world begs to see Martin so Mary Jane and her voice tutor take him on tour.

FARTY MARTY is a cute story that reads with a comfortable rhythm of rhymed couplets. This is a great way to highlight pet appreciation.




P.S. This could be Martin and Mary Jane.  So cute.