Bugs in My Hair! - David Shannon


First off, I want to say that I love David Shannon. I just love his style of illustrating. In this new book he covers a topic that people don't generally think of happily.





One day a boy comes home from school with the dreaded head lice. The lice are driving him crazy because they are itching so bad.  It turns out the lice are having a Lice-a-palooze on top of his scalp. He goes on to tell us many interesting true facts about lice while worrying.  Will they still be his friend? How did he get lice? And, most importantly, how will he get rid of them?


Luckily his mom is smart and reads up on the subject and is able to take care of the problem, or is she?


This book is absolutely hysterical! He wrote the book after he learned so much about lice when his daughter came home from school with it.  Watch his video about it. It is great!


Really, every school library should have this book. Elementary for sure since so many little ones get it, but the middle school and high school, too.  It is funny and informative at the same time.