Outfoxed - Mike Twohy


Hysterical!!!  I love the writing style in this book. For example,


"A dark night. Fox breaks into a hen house. He reaches in.  He grabs a chicken!!!"


The short, stilted sentences add to the humor of this story. Poor Fox, he goes through so much just for a chicken dinner - only to find that he mistakenly grabbed a duck instead of a chicken. Oh well, whatcha gonna do? Duck will have to do. But, Duck has other ideas. He says, "You are mistaken, sir. I am NOT a duck! I am a dog!" Duck proceeds to try and convince Fox of his doggie-ness. He pees on the carpet, chews holes in Fox's clothes, and wakes Fox up with wet kisses. Well, Fox has to take Duck back to the farm because Foxes don't eat dogs and they don't keep pets. Fox is lonely when he gets back home though. He thinks about all the things he'll miss about Duck. Then, he sees something that Duck left behind - an egg!


This book is adorable!