Marlene is the self-appointed queen of the playground, the sidewalk, and the school. She is small but mighty…intimidating! Known for her cruel ways, the little Queen of Mean has kids cowering in fear-until big Freddy stands up to her and says what everyone has been too fearful to say. In Seussian rhyme, actress Jane Lynch, clinical psychologist Lara Embry, and former children's book editor A. E. Mikesell gently and comically depict the undoing of a bully and her efforts to reform. Tricia Tusa's charming illustrations make the story an even more accessible conversation starter for all ages.


I'm not usually a fan of celebrity-written picture books, but....this one is really great! Jane Lynch does a fantastic job in the rhythm and rhyme of the story. It isn't just simple rhyming couplets. In addition to the wonderful style, the story is also a good one. Of course, we have Marlene is the bully of the class and has everyone afraid of her. Finally, one person stands up and makes the case that the class shouldn't be afraid of her. Once the other students refuse to let themselves be bothered by her, Marlene loses her power and breaks out of her bully routine. Marlene has to become a different person so she chooses to be nice, most of the time.

Most of the time. That is something else I like about this book. Marlene still slips up and has some meanness come out, but she keeps trying and for the most part is doing a good job being nice.

This is definitely one you'll want for your collection and it will pair wonderfully with The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill.



Preorder NOW. The book comes out September 23, 2014.


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