Here Comes the Easter Cat - Claudia Rueda, Deborah Underwood


When Cat tries to replace the Easter Bunny, he soon learns that the job is much harder than he expected-and does not allow time for naps.


Cat doesn't say a word in this book. The reader is the one talking to the cat.  The cat communicates by using body language and holding up signs. It is hysterical! Cat is very unhappy because Easter is coming up and the Easter Bunny gets all the attention. When the reader asks why Cat doesn't just start delivering Easter Eggs he gets very excited.  Cat never thought of that before. But, when he finds out he can't take several naps a day, all his excitement goes out the window.

When Cat is visited by the Easter Bunny though, he gets an idea for a way he can get involved in all the action.

This book screams read aloud!


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