Love Monster - Rachel Bright

It's hard being different from everyone else.  Sometimes it feels like you'll never find someone to love. Monster is in exactly this situation when we meet him at the beginning of this charming story.  He decides he is going to do something about it and takes off for the big, wide world to find love. Monster looks high and low; he looks inside and outside - never having any luck. Monster gets sad and finally decides to just go home. But, then, when he least expects it, love finds him!


Rachel Bright used solar etching to create the illustrations in LOVE MONSTER. I decided I needed to know what that process entails so I went to YouTube and, lo and behold, there is a video of Rachel creating Monster using the technique. Check it out. (Seems like a lot of work to me.) I wonder why she needed the print instead of just the drawing? Any artists out there want to chime in?